Teacher recruitment

Teacher recruitment

08:13 - 24/04/2017

We teach:

  • Cambridge K-12,
  • English ASL, English for Maths, and English for Science,
  • Business English
  • Customized courses for companies of various industries

We operate in:

  • Hanoi
  • Online throughout the countries, teaching from anywhere
  • And some other 

We need teachers:

  • Confident and enthusiastic
  • Vietnamese or any nationals with education background related to English, Maths, Science or ICT
  • Native speakers or equivalent
  • Technical backgrounds or relevant education management in primary, secodary and high schools

At EPC, we offer a competitive renumeration package that include:

  • Annual $25.000-$45.000 (International school and full-time position)
  • Health and accident inssurance
  • Transportation support and other upon request
  • Spouse and children support 

In order to continously improve our teaching quality, we welcome confident and enthusiastic candidates throughout the year.

Please join us by:

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